Insquired seeks new drummer.

So…. A post that side steps my designing.

My brother’s band Insquired is looking for a new drummer to join their band. They are a Manchester based indie/rock band with gig and recording experience.

They would like someone to join as soon as possible to enable them to stay on track with their rehearsals and future gigs. Before considering joining you must take into account that they also need a contribution to the cost of their rent for their rehearsal room.

For more information give them a message on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Insquired1 or comment below you can also give them a listen on Youtube. If you’re not interested in becoming a drummer…. give them a listen and a like anyway. All support is greatly appreciated.

Do not copy or redistribute this logo in any way shape or form. Copyright belongs to Terri-Ann Wright (tezzawiggy) thank you.

Do not copy or redistribute this logo in any way shape or form. Copyright belongs to Terri-Ann Wright (tezzawiggy) thank you.



House Rules

This is my second ever attempt at paper cutting. Again I really need to practice my curves a little more but over all considering it is cut from printer paper it has turned out quite well. A friend would also like me to cut one for her (as a gift of course…. the template is not mine). The template is courtesy of Paper Panda.

I am currently working on some Maleficent inspired designs for halloween and really excited to get started.



It’s been a while!

Yet again it has been a while since my last post, 4 MONTHS! I have however been pretty busy with new projects and working a couple of jobs, which doesn’t leave much time for scribbles!

So what’s been going on?

As well as continuing to work for Manchester United I have also landed myself a job working as a Graphic Designer and Manager at a team wear company, brand new business which means exciting new opportunities. As well as all this I have been to and from America and going back again for New Year, SO EXCITED! In the mean time most of my spare time has been committed to finding new projects and bringing my portfolio up to date!



For a long time now I have been working on my website and always found that every finished design there was something I didn’t really like. However this is not the case this time! I believe it’s all coming together finally. I based it on the layout of my CV and used the same colours. Take a look! My society 6 store is also open!




I don’t normally write anything too personal but… If you have a couple of minutes please have a quick listen to this great band fronted by my brother ‘Insquired’, they are an Indie/Rock band influenced by The Stone Roses and Oasis. If you like what you hear please give them a like and/or a follow on twitter and facebook.

Many thanks in advance you guys are great!!!!